Reasons, Seasons and Lifetimes


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying before that people come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. If you haven’t, now you have.

Either way, this notion has crossed my mind relentlessly lately in relation to all areas of my life… personal relationships, business relationships, owning material items, you name it.

I’m a rather all-in person. If I’m a part of something, I am 120% all-in. I won’t do something and not give it my all. If I’m not going to be all in, I’m not going to do it.  If I am going to do it, I want do it “bigger and better”. No, I’m not a 1 upper, I’m just an all in type of a guy and a competitor. If I’m gonna start ATVing, I want the best ATV, I don’t want a starter ATV. I want to really experience it and dive in with two feet.

I’m not 20 anymore, I’ve lived and learned, I know going into these seasons of life that not every hobby lasts, not every personal relationship, albeit with a friend or girlfriend lasts, not every business relationship, albeit with a partner, associate or client is going to last for a lifetime. But, even if just for some reason, or a season, I still want to give it 120%, and I never want to change that.

Often times in life though that all-in mentality can cause me great heartache. I’ll give a hobby, a personal relationship, a business relationship 120% and it ends. I’m left devastated.

I’m left wondering how it could be over if I felt so strongly about something, whether it’s loving a new hobby, thinking a girl is perfect for me and the one, a business relationship was so mutually fruitful, a friendship that truly allowed iron to sharpen iron ends, you name it.

I get it, the title of this blog post, and I am many times quickly reminded that not everything is for a lifetime, sometimes it’s for a season, sometimes its for a reason, but I’m still shell shocked, and again, many times devastated (with intense highs, come intense lows).

A love was so strong, how could that only be for a season? Ever feel that way? Being wronged by a business associate, how could that be for a reason? Ever feel the beneficiary of something undeserved?

Sometimes, God brings things full circle to my vision, and I find out God had something better or was sparing me from something. Sometimes, I find out the reason I learned a tough business lesson was to make me smarter and better.

Sometimes, I’m just simply left wondering and trusting in God knowing that He is bigger than my problems, my worries, and my concerns and trusting that the One who knows what’s best for me has my life and plans already figured out and all He wants is for me to be faithful so that those plans can come to fruition.

My lifetime isn’t over. Gods not done yet. I don’t know what things are going to be for a lifetime. I know that greater things are yet to come. I’m not sure if some things, good or bad, are over, I’m not sure if a season is gonna come around again like sport, television and weather seasons, I’m not sure if a season is ending soon, I’m not sure if a season that did end was a one time series, or even if something is just gonna be for a reason.

That’s okay though.

God knows what He is doing and all He wants is for us to trust in Him and let Him have His way. Jesus never said for us to come to Him with a full understanding, but on the contrary, He lets us know His yoke is easy, and His burden is light (Matthew 11:30) and it is said a broken and contrite heart God will not despise. (Psalm 51:17)

Whether you are in a season of joy, a season of pain, a season of confusion and/or patience, or honestly like me, in all three, one thing remains, God is still worthy of our praise and He knows what he’s doing.

I’d encourage you to not let failures, worry, or doubt prevent you from giving life 120% today, even if that means a level of vulnerability that scares you.

As Hillsong’s wrote best in their ‘Desert Song’;

“All of my life
In every season
You are Still God
I have a reason to sing
I have a reason to worship”


Thank you, Jesus, for being in control. Thank you, Jesus, that your arms are open wide for me to run to in times of confusion, chaos, and wondering.

I’m sorry if this blog post makes no sense whatsoever and is riddled with errors, I wrote it while at the gym this morning while this concept of reasons, seasons and lifetimes was so heavy on my heart and I thought I’d share. If it did make any sense to you, I’d love to hear!