Humbled to Join TMCI’s Board of Directors


As I stated on my Facebook and Twitter Thursday morning, I am humbled and honored to say that I will now be sitting on the Board of Directors for Teen Mother Choices International (TCMInternational).

TMCInternational, from their official website (that will more than likely be redone now that I’m on board *grin*) describes the organization as follows:

Since 1989, churches throughout northern Illinois have been assisting teen mothers to become independent functioning members of society.  Teen Mother Choices International (TMCInternational) is taking the successful model created in those churches and is using it to train other churches and existing organizations around the world to serve teen mothers in their own communities.  TMCInternational is striving to be … THE MINISTRY OF CHOICE FOR THOSE SEEKING TO SERVE TEEN MOTHERS!

In my own words – TMCInternational is an incredible Christian organization that is doing so much more than just fighting the abortion problem that America is plagued with. TMCInternational is showing the love of Jesus and extending their arms out to those teenagers who are choosing motherhood over abortion.

It’s such an honor, especially at the young age of 26, to be invited to be on the Board, and to see such excitement revolve around my commitment to the organization, and an elevated energy level when thinking, talking, and planning about what I can bring to the table technology wise.

Keep in mind that when I say “I”, I say it with complete humility, as this is just another example of Jesus using a worthless, scumbag sinner to bring glory to His name.

Given the extensive web background and resources I bring with me wherever I go, you can be sure that TMCInternational will more than likely soon have a web presence that draws everything TMCInternational does full circle, and paints a beautiful picture on the love they’re showing to teen moms.

FYI – If you are, I wouldn’t continue wallowing in your sin, and thinking Jesus can’t use you because of anything in your past. The Bible is clear that God uses the weak to lead the strong, and this blog post puts that on display, as clearly a 26 year old man knows nothing about the strength, commitment, and heart it takes to be a a teenage mom.