Success or Failure: Critics and Haters Await


For the most part, I’ve always been against New Year’s resolutions. This probably stems from seeing 90% of resolutions being tied to dieting and exercise, and 90% of those engaging in resolutions quitting and or failing after two weeks.  Same goes for all of the smokers who quit on January 1st, and start back up on January 10th. I know it’s got to be hard to quit smoking but hey, maybe next time, just wait two weeks before telling people you quit?

That being said, it IS January 1st, 2013. There IS a blank slate in front of you. While the difference between yesterday and today is no different than any other pair of days, there’s that little bit of freshness and newness in the air that you should 100% use to your advantage. Sure, it ties into the placebo effect, but be that as it may… (Thanks David J. for bringing that phrase into relevance)

It’s the FIRST of the year. It’s the FIRST page of a blank slate of a new measurable book – the year 2013.

I see so many people that strive for so much more but sell themselves short and give up. So many people that want to change their lives but have had so much negative energy around them and people discouraging them, that they never do anything but continue the same old crap — whether it’s the job they want to quit, the traits about themselves they want to change, chances they want to take, you name it.

I’ll confess this to you now: The idea for this blog has very little to do with New Years. It just so happens that I have the time to write it on New Year’s Day, so I’m tying it all together for you in a relative way. Truth of the matter is I thought about this topic this past weekend.

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you maybe saw a status about hark work and critics go up on Sunday afternoon. The thoughts in my head at that time were the birth for the idea of this article.

The thoughts that were going on was that I see so many people discouraging others and becoming a roadblock (whether they know this or not), and for insane reasons, even best friends discouraging best friends because of jealousy and envy. Now, before you think I’m crazy, trust me, it’s true, just let me expound on that thought –

Right now, your best friend might be more successful than you, might make more money than you, might be living life better than you, might appear they have a better walk with Christ than you, whatever it may be, they (pride-fully) think they’re better than you. Given that we as humans are wicked people, we have a tendency to develop jealousy and envy towards others, so this notion shouldn’t come as any surprise to you. To think your “best friend” might be worried you could surpass their success/status, and not encourage you to do so while they see it happening, is not far-fetched. When this happens, you have to simply evaluate who are your true friends, who are your true supporters, who truly love you.

Its super important to place people around you who encourage you and lift you up. Your best friends should be those that motivate you when you start to lose sight and show their love for you.. For example, when I was facing an obstacle a few months ago, I had a very good friend tell me “You’ll do it – you don’t know how to fail”. I had a few others tell me “shoot that sucks man”. Sure, it sucks, but I already know that, what do you think I’d rather hear – confirmation of what I already knew, or motivation that I was losing sight of?

I personally think sometimes we can become so consumed with ourselves that even if we don’t mean to not be encouraging and motivating and showing love to those around us, that’s what we end up doing. We end up downplaying what others are going through, we end up with our eyes so fixated upon ourselves, that we can’t see the trials and tribulations others are in, and the pain they’re facing.

As the Bible calls us to, we need to constantly be esteeming others above ourselves – which is when true joy abounds in us – but that’s a topic in itself for another day.

The jealousy and envy from those around us are just one of the many ways that negative energy or ugly characteristics can get in and help others (aware of this or not) discourage people from bettering themselves.

Today, what’s really on my heart is just to encourage you (you individually, not you as a group of people), to use this fresh beginning – this fresh palette that is 2013 – to go after your dreams, to leave the garbage your involved with in the past year, to change the bad traits about you, to set new goals, to break boundaries, to become more selfless, to do whatever it is that has been on your heart, that for some reason you’ve yet to follow through.

Ignore the haters and the critics around you. They are going to be there, no matter what. In subtlety and in boldness, the jealous, the envious, the wicked, the evil, the selfish, the one-uppers, among others – will be there. Success or failure, they will be there to judge and ridicule you.

Let me say that again – success OR failure. Whether you fail miserably or you succeed past your wildest dreams – they will be their to critique you and ridicule you for SOMETHING. Forget them. Let them continue in their garbage, and let them continue to be in their misery. Misery loves company. We all know this. Let them find new company.

At the end of the day, it’s yourself you look at it in the mirror, not anyone else.

– JB