Resisting encouragement, it’s okay.

Encourage Other

I’ve gone through a lot in my life and I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by a lot of good people and I’ve been surrounded by a lot of people who will encourage me on many levels, most importantly they will encourage me with biblical scripture and the promises of God.

Often times when I receive this encouragement it’s so easy to think yeah yeah whatever it is what it is and just not believe it and it’s not that I don’t believe the words that I’m being encouraged with, it’s that I’m in such a deep place mentally that I just can’t see that optimism in those words or ignorantly brush them off as not applicable or too good to be true (“not me, no it’s worse”)

i’ve learned though that even though I’m at times shrugging the words of encouragement off on the surface, these are still seeds of encouragement that are being planted deep down in the depths of my heart and soul.

They might not always bring me instant comfort or peace but I much rather have seeds of encouragement planted deep down than have people feed into what’s wrong and feed into the negative and how bad it could be. I’ve had the worst case Scenario happen many times in my life and I can tell you that feeding into it doesn’t make it any easier or better.

I thought I was crazy for this motion at first but then I realized when you plant a flower or you plant a seed, you don’t see anything. You plant that seed with the hope that it’s going to grow into a beautiful flower and I think sometimes even though people can receive encouragement and be instantly edified and filled with joy, a lot of times for me that encouragement comes to fruition down the road. It takes digesting the encouragement and letting God water it before I’m truly, truly encouraged.

Maybe it’s when I come down from an overwhelming feeling of anxiousness, maybe it’s after God waters the seed, maybe it’s just having those core truths that I’m being encouraged with in the depths of my heart that I’m not even realizing I’m trusting in already providing me comfort I’m not aware of – I’m really not sure.

To bring this quick blog, which is being typed on my iPhone while laying in bed so forgive me for any grammatical mistakes, full-circle I would just encourage you to always accept encouragement from those who love you and have your best interests in mind.

Don’t take it to heart if the encouragement doesn’t instantly put you on cloud nine or don’t take it to heart if you’re skeptical of how good encouragement can sound if it came to fruition. You often times need encouragement when you’re not in a good place in life to whatever degree so when you’re in that place I wouldn’t let that frame of mind dictate what you do with that encouragement. Digest, store, hold on to the encouragement and try to believe that since it’s truth it will come to pass

Rest in Gods promises. I’m trying to do the same.