Positivity: Happiness is addicting, isn’t it?


Everywhere you look is something negative. The news, the paper, your friends, even possibly your family – it doesn’t matter. It’s everywhere.

Prime example – right now we’re about to head into election time. What’s that mean? It means that we have one self-proclaimed “leader” from each political party crushing each other with negative traits and characteristics with the end goal of proving to you that they are the better leader. Simon Sinek offered a good piece of advice to both Obama and Romney:

A few weeks ago a friend by the name of Amy Jo Martin posted a blog post about The Science of Happiness, which highlighted a TED talk by Shawn Achor. Given that I thrive off happiness and being positive and trying to motivate and inspire others, I had to check it out. Great decision.

In this Ted talk, Shawn discusses his theory on happiness and success and the connection of the two. On a quick side note, especially if you are an entrepreneur, if you don’t watch TED talks you definitely should!

The 12 minute video, which is posted just below, is definitely one I think everyone should take a look at and watch. Some of the items discussed in the video by Shawn Achor, include how we see better results in the work place if we put happiness before success and don’t label happiness by our success, how we can become more positive in the present, and how our brain functions at positive better than any other state – negative, neutral or stressed.

I want to offer one disclaimer before you (hopefully) watch this video:

While I love looking into and researching a topic such as positive psychology, I do not think that positive psychology covers our keys to happiness and having true joy in our hearts.

I think the Bible is very clear on this. In such scriptures as John 15:10-20, where we learn that when we keep God’s commandments and obey Him and love others, God will fill our lives with Joy, I believe we are assured that our true happiness and joy comes from God. A similar message is in Galatians 5, where we learn that when we walk in the will of God/in the Spirit, we are blessed with true love and joy from God.

That being said, check out this video, and hopefully it can impact you in life and in the workplace!



A few people that I’ve talked to have watched that video over for the sole purpose of wanting to learn the 5 things he discussed briefly that can train your brain to think positive. For easy reference, here they are:

  1. Gratitude’s: Writing 3 new things you’re grateful for each day helps your brain retain a pattern of scanning the world for positives instead of negatives.
  2. Journaling one positive experience in the past 24 hours lets your brain relive it.
  3. Exercise teaches your brain that behavior matters.
  4. Meditation: Prayer: Aside from the benefits of prayer and the absolute need for it and having a real relationship with Jesus Christ, from a scientific standpoint, prayer/meditation helps your brain get over the culture ADHD we’ve all been creating by the multitasking we’ve all grown used to.
  5. Random Acts of Kindness: If you’re a bible reader, the act of esteeming others above self is nothing new. From a scientific standpoint, random acts of kindness and praise towards others can actually have a positive effect on yourself. For example, writing one positive email to a co-worker or someone you’re connected to, praising or thanking someone can have a lasting positive effect on yourself.

Also, as the late, great, Steve Jobs would say, one more thing.

.As mentioned in the title of this blog post, happiness is addicting, and everyone wants it. Your happiness, however will not come from positivity alone.

As most of you know that read my blog, I am a Christian. I love Jesus, and I believe He alone can guide us through everything we can possibly endure in life

When exploring positive psychology, I see a lack of ties to Christianity, I thought I would include a few of those as well (in case you didn’t notice the elaboration/references in points 4 and 5 above that weren’t in the video.)

I’ll leave you with the following two links where you can go and read some scripture on what the Bible says about both positive thinking and a positive attitude.

Positive Thinking: http://www.openbible.info/topics/positive_thinking
Positive Attitude: http://www.openbible.info/topics/positive_attitude

You should know that I’ve done a few of the above points myself and when writing down some of the things I am grateful for, one of my gratitude’s I wrote was that I am blessed by every single person who reads anything I have to say on my blog. All l I am is a wretched sinner saved by His grace, and an example of what Jesus can do through someone, and the fact that you willingly (I hope — if not, let’s talk more about that) want to sit and read what I have to say is humbling to say the least.