My Weekend Habits for a Better Monday


For years when I started growing my marketing company, I wanted to work 24/7 and whenever I had the opportunity. I’ve since scaled back slightly to a bit-more manageable schedule, but some of the habits definitely remain.

As I sit here reviewing current Basch Solutions projects like the custom website we’re building for Branca Midtown, I sat back for a minute and felt grateful for these habits.

One habit that has become a crucial element to my work-life balance that I don’t know if I’ll ever let go of is on Saturday mornings and Sunday nights.

For me, transitioning in and out of the chaos that blended morning, day and nights together seamlessly was rough. Especially holiday weekends. Especially when I was single.

One of the things that helped me though was spending a few hours early on Saturday morning working, going over everything to give the week “some closure”. This also turned into a really nice way of ensuring that with the chaos of the week, nothing went unattended to.

Friday afternoon/evenings can be hectic and it never felt like a good time to give the week a once over and tie up loose ends. I didn’t have that “quiet time” I needed with the constant distractions and interruptions. And, there was also no way I could leave it for Mondays.

Saturday mornings seemed right for me.

The other habit I formed that helped me was spending a few hours Sunday evening working. Due to putting in some weekend hours on Sunday night, nearly every Monday morning, I wake up with a pretty clean slate. It’s one way I’ve always been able to not hate Mondays.

It’s almost a guarantee Monday mornings won’t be fun. Even if you approach it with positivity, people around you can destroy the mood and energy so quickly, especially when you’re forced to be in certain situations. Having a lighter work load on Monday morning can help big time!

Throughout the past 11 years, I spend nearly every Sunday evening just relaxing, working for a few hours and getting a head start to the week. It’s definitely a sacrifice, and even now, being in a relationship, I’m grateful for the understanding of these habits, and what they mean for the week ahead and time off.

It’s these little things, I think, where success and order can be found. If you stress about Mondays, give it a shot (if your work allows for it!)