Add gasoline to the fire, not water.


I was sitting by the fire this morning after my workout at about 630 and realized how symbolic fire is to our daily lives. I love a fire in the morning, both physically and internally. Physically, there’s something about the light a fire gives off, the heat, the warmth, the peace, the noise, there’s just something to it.

Internally, it’s safe to say I have a fire burning inside of me, we all do – or should, to some degree. I have one burning for the things that are on my heart. My passions, my drive, my desires, they light a fire in me and I wake up with that fire in my belly every single morning. It’s what gets me out of bed, it’s what allows me to push through hard times, it’s what produces the adrenaline rushes I get, it’s what excels me in all that I do.

Every morning I wake up with that fire I described. I want to get out of bed. I want to start working. I want to start something that’s going to lead to a great accomplishment, or finish something that was started, and so forth.

Everyone has different fires, everyone has different drives and goals. Many people are in different places in their lives. I’m single. I’m 28. I’m in love with my company. I’m not married to my career, I’m simply in love with what I do, what God’s blessed me with and want to continue it while he continues to bless the company.

Maybe not in the mornings, but I gotta believe at some point, most people get riled up. They get motivated. They show a drive, they gain desires, they have passions, the problem is, the fire burns out.

You see, every morning, I start the day with this fire burning inside of me. Throughout the day, everything I do is symbolic to pouring gas on that fire.

I’m conscience to what I put in my body so I can perform better.
I’m conscience to who I surround myself with.
I’m seeking God’s will to make sure I’m not running with someones hand on my forehead, but running in the right direction.
I’m completing tasks that move me closer to short term goals.
I’m completing tasks that move me closer to long term goals.
I’m building relationships that will better my life, not hinder it.
I’m giving back to bless others and encourage people (nothing’s better than giving).
I’m trying to motivate and encourage others with the life I live, and I hold myself to high standards.
I hold myself accountable to not give up, to perform.

Everything I do, I try to let act as gasoline on that fire I have inside of me.

What are you doing when the fire ignites within you?

It’s easy to let life act as water and put out that fire so quickly. Friends and family can discourage you, roadblocks can pop up, you can become tired, you can give up, your mind can play tricks on you, spiritual warfare can attack you, you name it – “water” is everywhere. It’s fitting that 71 percent of the earth is filled with water, I think that speaks volumes both physically and figuratively speaking.

I truly believe that if you want to be successful, you have to make sure the things you do are pouring gasoline on that fire, not pouring water. Whether it’s a major occurrence in the day or the smallest decision (remember, one good decision often leads to another). You don’t have to pour 5 gallons of gas on the fire, just the tiniest amount will make that flame burn brighter, hotter, bigger.

You’ll have bad days, we all do. I don’t go to bed with that fire every night, I get tired, I get exhausted, I crash, whatever it may be, but I sure as hell (fire and brimstone pun intended) wake up with that fire burning and a smile on my face the next morning.

To quote Usher circa 2004, let it burn.