My Weekend Habits for a Better Monday


For years when I started growing my marketing company, I wanted to work 24/7 and whenever I had the opportunity. I’ve since scaled back slightly to a bit-more manageable schedule, but some of the habits definitely remain.

As I sit here reviewing current Basch Solutions projects like the custom website we’re building for Branca Midtown, I sat back for a minute and felt grateful for these habits.

One habit that has become a crucial element to my work-life balance that I don’t know if I’ll ever let go of is on Saturday mornings and Sunday nights.

For me, transitioning in and out of the chaos that blended morning, day and nights together seamlessly was rough. Especially holiday weekends. Especially when I was single.

One of the things that helped me though was spending a few hours early on Saturday morning working, going over everything to give the week “some closure”. This also turned into a really nice way of ensuring that with the chaos of the week, nothing went unattended to.

Friday afternoon/evenings can be hectic and it never felt like a good time to give the week a once over and tie up loose ends. I didn’t have that “quiet time” I needed with the constant distractions and interruptions. And, there was also no way I could leave it for Mondays.

Saturday mornings seemed right for me.

The other habit I formed that helped me was spending a few hours Sunday evening working. Due to putting in some weekend hours on Sunday night, nearly every Monday morning, I wake up with a pretty clean slate. It’s one way I’ve always been able to not hate Mondays.

It’s almost a guarantee Monday mornings won’t be fun. Even if you approach it with positivity, people around you can destroy the mood and energy so quickly, especially when you’re forced to be in certain situations. Having a lighter work load on Monday morning can help big time!

Throughout the past 11 years, I spend nearly every Sunday evening just relaxing, working for a few hours and getting a head start to the week. It’s definitely a sacrifice, and even now, being in a relationship, I’m grateful for the understanding of these habits, and what they mean for the week ahead and time off.

It’s these little things, I think, where success and order can be found. If you stress about Mondays, give it a shot (if your work allows for it!)


Staying on your own path


I don’t get why everyone is so concerned with what everyone else is doing and the path everyone else is on or isn’t on. What is for someone else, isn’t always for you. Let alone the same timing. And what is for you, isn’t always the life for someone else.

I’m as guilty as anyone for wanting something someone else has (could run away with that thought alone) but you gotta stay on your own path, stay in your own lane, and most importantly, seek God for what His will is for your own life. He designed you, He has a blueprint for you, and He knows what’s best for you.

Don’t miss out on your own potential blessings and opportunities because you’re worried about someone else’s time-table and opportunities and what they have or don’t have. Wasted potential is always tragic.

In a DanT-inspired bit of perspective, I think so many people (myself included) are caught up looking at the silver someone else has, that they’re missing out on realizing Gods denial for that silver in their own life is a gift a yet to be given, wrapped in gold.

And, as Steve Jobs put it, often people don’t know what they want until you show them. You may think something is gold, but God could show you it’s only silver, and reveal and bless you with that Gold you haven’t even seen or known. He’s done it to me before and I believe he’ll do it again.

Matthew 6:33: BUT seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.



You don’t know what you want


Steve Jobs has famously said that often times people don’t know what you want until you show it to them. His context was consumer goods, and in response to Apple products. A concept and theory he proved true.

Henry Ford is on record saying that if he had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. His context was cars, and in response to basically engineering what led to us driving cars. Something most of us do.

Isaiah 55:8-9 reads that God’s thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways His ways. God knows better than we do. So much better. Often times we lead ourselves down paths God wouldn’t lead us down, nor have for us. Sometimes it’s disobedience, sometimes it’s innocent confusion.

Any of these three quick references quickly allude to the fact that WE DON’T KNOW what is best for us. As my buddy and pastor David Tomasso best puts it, the heart makes a convert out of the mind.

I think this applies to all things: career, family, personal, etc. Many times we think we know what’s best for us, but we don’t. In a situation or season of our life, we desire, long for, crave something. Some cravings and desires come to fruition, some don’t. For better or for worse.

Sometimes, we get hung up on what we want and may desire, not knowing if that’s what’s best for us, or the depth and longevity of the outcome of that desire. Spoiler: it’s often not what’s best for us. We, too, may know the outcome, but not the right path. A crucial step.

MY goal is to trust in the process. Trust in the process like we are to trust in the fire God is refining us in. TRUST when things don’t make sense. TRUST when we don’t get what we want. TRUST when we think we know best, but we maybe don’t.

We often don’t see clearly through a season, but looking back, often we can humbly submit to the heart and will of God for us, and say without doubt, like salvation, and like Amazing Grace sings, “I was blind, but now I see.”

You just gotta trust. Trust the process.

Embrace the journey.



Love is loyalty


Love is loyalty.

And I don’t think we live in a culture that lacks loyalty, I think we live in a culture that lacks love. True love.

Loyalty? It’s there. It’s everywhere. Talk to someone who won’t walk into Moe’s because they’re a Chipotle person. Talk crap about someone’s favorite team who hasn’t won a game all season. Watch their reaction. Ask an Apple user what they think of a droid phone. Ask a Ford or a Dodge truck owner what they think of a Chevy.

Loyalty is everywhere. The problem is love.

Our culture has watered down what love is and what we think it is. Our culture and society has swapped out love for desire, true love for lust, 50 years of happiness for 5 hours of stories with your girls, or boys.

We don’t have a loyalty issue, we have a love issue.

We have an issue in our culture that negates the selfless loyalty of love with selfish desire for lust. 

We have a society that pushes online dating if you’re single for too long. Nothing is wrong with online dating, but the constant need to set someone up is only arguably contributing to the growing divorce rate. It’s not about friendships and bonds that lead to relationships, it’s about filling a void society created for you.

Couples get married who don’t even love each other. When was the last time you used an online website to find a best friend? Again, nothing wrong with these things, if you CHOOSE it. Having it pushed on you, come on. What happened to wanting to fall in love with someone who is your best friend? What happened to wanting love, not a relationship. What happened to wanting a family, not someone to have kids with so you can co-parent.

You should want someone to have kids with, I do. I want nothing more. But you should also have a desire to have a family, to have that best friend and a partner to raise kids with, to create a family with. To create memories as a family.

We live in a culture that lacks love. True love. 2000 years ago, whether you believe it or not, Jesus Christ died on a cross for you, and me. That’s true love. A better love story than Hollywood could ever write.

Today, people don’t care about their spouses enough to remember an anniversary. To do something special for no reason. To not downplay the relationship because they’ll be potentially mocked. To stand up for a relationship they care about. To admit when they were wrong. To change.

I get it, by now you’re probably thinking what do I know, I’m single. “Wait until you’re married.” I get it. I’ve heard it for the last decade. Doesn’t change anything or the points I’m making. Your emotion tells you that “wait until you’re married.”, but in realty its either ignorance or conviction. Because I’m sure there’s a happy couple reading this that says you’re spot on, and I need to fight harder in my relationship, or I’ve lived through this.

It’s not a given. But love is loyalty.

I’ve seen relationships fall apart at the seams, and have been very close to some of them. Too close to some of them. I’ve learned some hard lessons. I’ve made some mistakes. I’ve done some things I regret. I’ve done others that I would do 100 times over. That’s my heart.

Going through what I’ve been through in the last 30 years, especially in my most recent years, I would strongly encourage you to be loyal to your love. I’m not using love as a pronoun naming someone, I’m saying be selflessly loyal to the love in your heart. If it’s true love, esteem it above everything else.

If for some reason, you took then time to read all this, I would simply leave you with this… Jesus said thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.  Love your NEIGHBOR, who you probably don’t even care about that much, like you love yourself. How about your wife? How about your husband? How about that person you started dating that you think you could marry. Do you truly love them? Are you selflessly, fully-devoted to the loyalty of loving them?

Temptation is real. Trials are inevitable. Short-term failure will occur. But at the end of the day, love, true love, is absolute loyalty. And I’ve seen relationships that demonstrate this and prove this to be true. Love is loyalty.

Just my thoughts tonight.

 If you care to comment, would love to hear your thoughts.



Reasons, Seasons and Lifetimes


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying before that people come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. If you haven’t, now you have.

Either way, this notion has crossed my mind relentlessly lately in relation to all areas of my life… personal relationships, business relationships, owning material items, you name it.

Continue reading…


If you think you’re alone – think again.


My heart is so heavy lately towards those that are suffering.

Everywhere I turn it seems as if people are depressed, anxious, miserable, and just plain discouraged. I think the reason it resonates so much with me is because I’ve been there.

I was watching a show last night as I was falling asleep that I absolutely love (Married to Jonas) and someone was suffering from some real anxiety, I had the news on a bit earlier and they were talking about a girl who was bullied so much that she ended up killing herself, and it goes on and on. Continue reading…


Performance Under Pressure


Let’s start with a confession: I’ve been paying $6 every morning for a protein shake at the gym since last January. Stupid right? I know.

The problem? Laziness. I broke the last blender I had years ago and never bought a new one. The convenience of simply getting a shake at the gym just seemed easy. The fact that I could just bill it to my account and not even think about the $6 until the end of the month didn’t help either.

Now, to my defense, for over a year I’ve been saying that I need to go buy a blender and start making shakes at home. Not only will it save me money, but if I can make shakes when I’m in a jam and can’t get to lunch or just need a snack, it’d be great. The problem is – I was never in a situation where I really needed one, so I didn’t feel like randomly going to the store and buying a blender, a tub of protein, etc. etc. (see picture above). Continue reading…


Humbled to Join TMCI’s Board of Directors


As I stated on my Facebook and Twitter Thursday morning, I am humbled and honored to say that I will now be sitting on the Board of Directors for Teen Mother Choices International (TCMInternational).

TMCInternational, from their official website (that will more than likely be redone now that I’m on board *grin*) describes the organization as follows:

Since 1989, churches throughout northern Illinois have been assisting teen mothers to become independent functioning members of society.  Teen Mother Choices International (TMCInternational) is taking the successful model created in those churches and is using it to train other churches and existing organizations around the world to serve teen mothers in their own communities.  TMCInternational is striving to be … THE MINISTRY OF CHOICE FOR THOSE SEEKING TO SERVE TEEN MOTHERS! Continue reading…


The Blog of an Internet Entrepreneur


The past 8 years have been a journey that doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. I figure if I’m going to start a blog and share this life I enjoy so much, now would be a good time to start.

I’ve been blessed beyond measure with opportunities and experiences that just shouldn’t go unshared. I strongly urge you to read the preface to this blog, and to comment along on the blog posts as I bring you with me through the journey I’m on, sharing with you experiences, thoughts, and stories that inspire(d) me and motivate(d) me, that will hopefully in turn inspire and motivate you. This is my blog. Enjoy.