Why do bad things happen?


The question is something I indirectly ask myself often. We all know by now that bad things are going to happen to us – health issues, financial woes, heartache, those moments in life that blindside you and instantly your body wants to vomit, you name it. We’re left shattered – like never before. We’re left in anger and frustration. Ever shout out in total frustration WHY?!” or “WHY ME?!” I’ll admit it. I have. I’ll also obviously admit I don’t know the answer to the question “Why do bad things happen”.

We’re often then left wondering why and thinking clearly nothing good can come from this s Nothing good can come from being stripped of everything, nothing good can come from having your heart shattered, nothing good can come from someone dying from cancer. I mean these are bad things, they are life-altering.

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Add gasoline to the fire, not water.


I was sitting by the fire this morning after my workout at about 630 and realized how symbolic fire is to our daily lives. I love a fire in the morning, both physically and internally. Physically, there’s something about the light a fire gives off, the heat, the warmth, the peace, the noise, there’s just something to it.

Internally, it’s safe to say I have a fire burning inside of me, we all do – or should, to some degree. I have one burning for the things that are on my heart. My passions, my drive, my desires, they light a fire in me and I wake up with that fire in my belly every single morning. It’s what gets me out of bed, it’s what allows me to push through hard times, it’s what produces the adrenaline rushes I get, it’s what excels me in all that I do. Continue reading…

Looking Forward to Tomorrow


I read an article on Monday that stated it was found to be the most depressing day of the year. The study completed found reasons ranging (aside from it being a typical Monday and one after a long holiday vacation),  guilt over failed resolutions (people give up fast), divorces (saying January is the most popular month for divorces to be filed – interesting), and weather complaints (way too cold everywhere), among other reasons. Continue reading…

One Day at a Time


Have you ever watched a tree grow? I’m not talking about watching lilies blossom, but a tree growing. I recently bought a house and I have been watching some trees I bought grow, but I never notice them actually growing. I do realize overall that they’re bigger though.  This makes sense in a way C.S. Lewis once made light of:

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different…”C.S. Lewis!

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Not getting your way: Embrace it.


It’s no secret that I get pretty fired up for Monday mornings. I love the feeling in the air knowing an entire week of opportunity and possibilities is before us. It’s the easiest day for me to wake up and get going. It’s also the easiest day for me not to let the things of this world get to me.

Be that as it may, after my workout this morning, I went to go in the hot tub (which I always look forward to) and when I took a step in, the water was 50 degrees. Instantly my attitude started to change. In the smallest way, I didn’t get my way, I didn’t get to plan my day out and relax my muscles after a great work out like I wanted to, and I knew that if I dwelled on that, that little bit of disappointment would snowball and could easily ruin the day. Continue reading…

Don’t Give Up: My Story.


This past week, I was featured in an article in the Democrat and Chronicle that talked about my latest business venture, Upstate Charge. Not only did the article run in the D&C locally and online, but it was pretty cool to see that the article was also syndicated on the USA Today.

This is probably the 4th article that’s been published locally on me and as humbled and grateful as I am that anyone wants to write a story on me, it always bugs me that I can’t write the article myself – to a degree. I think the writers always do a phenomenal job writing the articles, but there’s always so much they leave out of the story, that to me, is so important, and usually gives so much more meaning to the accomplishment. Continue reading…

Successful Monday Mornings: My how-to guide


It’s easy to let Monday, or any day for that matter, get the best of us. Any day of the week can quickly drain us, but there is something about Monday’s that people dread, fear, and hate like none else.

Quite frankly, a few years back I got sick of it and realized that it was just a day, like all the rest. I slowly adapted more and more ways to endure and embrace this dreadful day and soon it became my favorite day of the week. Some call me crazy, but I promise you it’s possible for you, too! Continue reading…

Success or Failure: Critics and Haters Await


For the most part, I’ve always been against New Year’s resolutions. This probably stems from seeing 90% of resolutions being tied to dieting and exercise, and 90% of those engaging in resolutions quitting and or failing after two weeks.  Same goes for all of the smokers who quit on January 1st, and start back up on January 10th. I know it’s got to be hard to quit smoking but hey, maybe next time, just wait two weeks before telling people you quit?

That being said, it IS January 1st, 2013. There IS a blank slate in front of you. While the difference between yesterday and today is no different than any other pair of days, there’s that little bit of freshness and newness in the air that you should 100% use to your advantage. Sure, it ties into the placebo effect, but be that as it may… (Thanks David J. for bringing that phrase into relevance) Continue reading…