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Staying on your own path

I don’t get why everyone is so concerned with what everyone else is doing and the path everyone else is on or isn’t on. What is for someone else, isn’t always for you. Let alone the same timing. And what is for you, isn’t always the life for someone else. I’m as guilty as anyone
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You don’t know what you want

Steve Jobs has famously said that often times people don’t know what you want until you show it to them. His context was consumer goods, and in response to Apple products. A concept and theory he proved true. Henry Ford is on record saying that if he had asked people what they wanted, they would
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Love is loyalty

Love is loyalty. And I don’t think we live in a culture that lacks loyalty, I think we live in a culture that lacks love. True love. Loyalty? It’s there. It’s everywhere. Talk to someone who won’t walk into Moe’s because they’re a Chipotle person. Talk crap about someone’s favorite team who hasn’t won a
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I love sunsets, I love sunsets a lot. I share photos often of them. I try to catch and watch them as often as I can. The more of them I see, the more they mean to me.


Resisting encouragement, it’s okay.

I’ve gone through a lot in my life and I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by a lot of good people and I’ve been surrounded by a lot of people who will encourage me on many levels, most importantly they will encourage me with biblical scripture and the promises of God.


Why do bad things happen?

The question is something I indirectly ask myself often. We all know by now that bad things are going to happen to us – health issues, financial woes, heartache, those moments in life that blindside you and instantly your body wants to vomit, you name it. We’re left shattered – like never before. We’re left
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Reasons, Seasons and Lifetimes

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying before that people come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. If you haven’t, now you have. Either way, this notion has crossed my mind relentlessly lately in relation to all areas of my life… personal relationships, business relationships, owning material items, you name it.


Add gasoline to the fire, not water.

I was sitting by the fire this morning after my workout at about 630 and realized how symbolic fire is to our daily lives. I love a fire in the morning, both physically and internally. Physically, there’s something about the light a fire gives off, the heat, the warmth, the peace, the noise, there’s just
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Can you be Part Time Vegan? I am.

I’ve been talking like crazy lately about plants (mostly in response to people asking me what I’m doing different) and labeling myself a part time vegan and I know people just don’t get it or don’t understand so I figured I’d write a blog article and hopefully shed some light on a further understanding —
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Looking Forward to Tomorrow

I read an article on Monday that stated it was found to be the most depressing day of the year. The study completed found reasons ranging (aside from it being a typical Monday and one after a long holiday vacation),  guilt over failed resolutions (people give up fast), divorces (saying January is the most popular
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One Day at a Time

Have you ever watched a tree grow? I’m not talking about watching lilies blossom, but a tree growing. I recently bought a house and I have been watching some trees I bought grow, but I never notice them actually growing. I do realize overall that they’re bigger though.  This makes sense in a way C.S.
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Not getting your way: Embrace it.

It’s no secret that I get pretty fired up for Monday mornings. I love the feeling in the air knowing an entire week of opportunity and possibilities is before us. It’s the easiest day for me to wake up and get going. It’s also the easiest day for me not to let the things of
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Don’t Give Up: My Story.

This past week, I was featured in an article in the Democrat and Chronicle that talked about my latest business venture, Upstate Charge. Not only did the article run in the D&C locally and online, but it was pretty cool to see that the article was also syndicated on the USA Today. This is probably
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Successful Monday Mornings: My how-to guide

It’s easy to let Monday, or any day for that matter, get the best of us. Any day of the week can quickly drain us, but there is something about Monday’s that people dread, fear, and hate like none else. Quite frankly, a few years back I got sick of it and realized that it
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Success or Failure: Critics and Haters Await

For the most part, I’ve always been against New Year’s resolutions. This probably stems from seeing 90% of resolutions being tied to dieting and exercise, and 90% of those engaging in resolutions quitting and or failing after two weeks.  Same goes for all of the smokers who quit on January 1st, and start back up
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If you think you’re alone – think again.

My heart is so heavy lately towards those that are suffering. Everywhere I turn it seems as if people are depressed, anxious, miserable, and just plain discouraged. I think the reason it resonates so much with me is because I’ve been there. I was watching a show last night as I was falling asleep that
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Performance Under Pressure

Let’s start with a confession: I’ve been paying $6 every morning for a protein shake at the gym since last January. Stupid right? I know. The problem? Laziness. I broke the last blender I had years ago and never bought a new one. The convenience of simply getting a shake at the gym just seemed
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Humbled to Join TMCI’s Board of Directors

As I stated on my Facebook and Twitter Thursday morning, I am humbled and honored to say that I will now be sitting on the Board of Directors for Teen Mother Choices International (TCMInternational). TMCInternational, from their official website (that will more than likely be redone now that I’m on board *grin*) describes the organization
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Positivity: Happiness is addicting, isn’t it?

Everywhere you look is something negative. The news, the paper, your friends, even possibly your family – it doesn’t matter. It’s everywhere. Prime example – right now we’re about to head into election time. What’s that mean? It means that we have one self-proclaimed “leader” from each political party crushing each other with negative traits
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20lbs in 30 Days: What Worked for ME.

Over the last six years of being dedicated to working out and maintaining consistent gym attendance, I’ve had a lot of people ask me “what do you do”, “how’d you do it”, and (without knowing) “what works for YOU?” I say what works for ME because you can ask 20 people about working out and/or
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Dancing in the Rain – Go ahead, get wet.

Watch the next time someone gets in a pool or a hot tub – not in a creepy way, please. I’d bet about 8 out of every 10 people you see are going to slowly stick one or two feet in the water, and slowly get in. They’ll play this game until they get to
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