About JB

Showing my cards.

8 years ago, I might’ve started a blog out of pride. Today, I start a blog with complete humility. The last eight years of my life has been an insane journey.

Within this journey, I’ve gone from being a cocky little college (for 2 weeks) dropout and 18-year-old punk, to being homeless and living out of my car, to being a successful entrepreneur and playing a lead role in a number of online brands and companies.

Humbled by the grace of God daily, it’s with complete humility that I use the word successful (a term more often used by others to describe me, than me describing myself).

I believe that what success I’ve had has come from two main elements, with one playing a much more crucial role than the other – the more crucial role being God. Everything I have, and everything I am, is because God has blessed me with it and allows me to do it.

A lot of people (without much thought) hold grudges against God for what they’ve endured, but I truly believe that the trials and tribulations in my life have made me what and who I am today, and for that I am nothing but thankful.

It’s those trials and tribulations I’ve endured and the places I’ve been (mentally and emotionally) that make up the second of the two main elements that led to ‘my success’. That element being the fear of being what I once was, which has me up minutes before my 5:03 am alarm goes off daily.

This blog / website was designed and built (by my incredible team) to allow me to share with you the journey I’m on, sharing with you experiences, thoughts, and stories that inspire(d) me and motivate(d) me. Hopefully in hearing these stories and experiences, you in turn will be inspired and motivated.

I am not an author (yet, hah), journalist, or any other form of writing professional.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have a tendency to hit the keys and type words in the same order and manor as I would if we were talking in a conversation.

That being said, if you’re looking to correct someone on mistakes, have a field day, but my hope and desire is that you read this blog with an open heart and mind and take something away that goes much farther than proper grammar and punctuation.

Down to Business:

Justin Basch is the CEO and Founder of Basch Solutions, LLC.

Basch Solutions is a Rochester, NY based digital agency that focuses on building custom, visually appealing websites with powerful back-end management portals that allow businesses to have a website, easily self-maintained, that converts visitors into dollars.

The 5-year-old company specializes as well in social media strategy, search engine optimization and IT/online-networking.  Basch Solutions also serves as a brand in a much larger network of online tech companies. Basch Solutions is a sister company to Farin Innovations, Inc, where Justin serves as VP of Project Development. Additionally, Justin has a lead role in 8 unique online brands and counting.

Basch Solutions, LLC’s clients range from global organizations to local mom and pop shops and include Bausch + Lomb, UFC fighter Ken Shamrock, Olympic Gold Medalist and NCAA record-holder Cael Sanderson, and retired NFL/New York Giants wide receiver David Tyree, to name a few.

It’s the fun, personal, and long-term relationships developed when projects are underway that has led Basch Solutions to use the tagline “we don’t have clients, we have raving fans.”

Justin is also the Co-Founder of EndLayer, Co-Founder of Upstate Charge, and VP of Client Management at Farin Innovations, and sits on the board of directors for Teen Mother Choices Internationa;.